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Fluorocarbons and Rare Gases
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Air constitutes of nitrogen 78%, oxygen 21% and argon 1%. Argon is a noble gas. Krypton, neon and xenon are other noble gases and together they constitute less than 0,1 percent of the atmosphere.

Ammonia is used in several industrial. Ammonia application such heat treatment, refrigerant, cold storage, water treatment, electronics etc. Purity grade is available from 99.0% up to 99.995% both cylinder and bulk tank.


It is generally used to prevent contact, hence interaction, between liquid metal and the surrounding atmosphere. Applications include melt stirring, tun dish purging to prevent steel re-oxidation and secondary steel refining in vacuum degassers,


Carbon dioxide (CO2), is a part of the life cycle in the nature. The gas is exhaled by humans and animals, and used by plants, that in return release oxygen. Carbon dioxide is produced from by-products from processes such as combustion, fermentation or oxidation of a carbon compound. The "raw gas" must be purifed in several stages to the quality required.


Gas mixtures are either mixed continuously on site from pure gases or supplied premixed. Our gases for the Metal Fabrication industry and for the Food industry, are often examples of different gas mixtures.

Helium is the second lightest element and the one with the lowest boiling point, -268,9 C. Helium is recovered most cost-effectively from natural gas. Long-term contracts guarantee access to sources in the USA, Europe and North Africa.

Hydrogen is the lightest of all elements and constitutes 90 percent of the known universe. The gas may be obtained by means of a steam-reformer from steam, natural gas or other light hydrocarbons. Refineries and electrolytic processes employed in chlorine chemistry also generate hydrogen-rich gases from which the hydrogen can be recovered. Liquid hydrogen is manufactured by liquefaction at -253 C and is transported in its liquid state, thus reducing transport costs.

Inergen gas for fire supression

INERGEN agent is a mixture of three naturally occurring gases: nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. As INERGEN agent is derived from gases present in the earths atmosphere, it exhibits no ozone depleting potential, does not contribute to global warming, nor does it contribute unique chemical species with extended atmospheric lifetimes. Because INERGEN agent is composed of atmospheric gases, it does not pose the problems of toxicity associated with the chemically derived Halon alternative agents.

Nitrogen is used both as an inert and a vector gas to ensure safe processes and to maintain product quality ...


Oxygen is widely used in the iron and steel industry, non ferrous primary production, and secondary smelting ...

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