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New Biogas Analyser (GasMaster Z92)
Bht 200,000.00


New Biogas Analyser (GasMaster Z92)

The Polysource's GasMaster NDIR double-gases module is a universal, pump-priming gas sensor, which detects CO2, CH4 with the non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) principal. It is oxygen non-addicted with the advantages of good selectivity and long life. Temperature compensation is available as the temperature sensor internal.
The gas sensor owns both UART output, simulate voltage output, easy to operate.
GasMaster Biogas Analyser Z92 is a universal infrared gas sensor made up of mature infrared absorption gas detection technology, precision optics design, superior circuit design, which can be wildly used in rural areas for methane detection, Biogas Plant, Industrial process, Security protection & monitoring, Biogas Upgrading to Bio-Methane.
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Polysource Co.,Ltd. 124/42 Moo 1, Banklang, Muang, Pathumtani 12000  Tel. +66(0) 29792982-3  Fax. +66 (0) 29792984   Email. a029792982@Gmail.com
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