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Activated Carbon >> details

Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Activated Carbons, offering a wide range of products for environment protection and living environment improvement. our "SHIRASAGI" brand has been used in various industries for over seventy years. As a result of its outstanding performance, Japan EnviroChemicals, Ltd. has gained the reputation for quality and the trust of customers. Recently, activated carbons are playing an important role in environmental protection, water treatment, and dioxin removal. The fields where activated carbons are used are as follows: 
1) Food and Pharmaceutical Industries.  - Decolorization of sugar, glucose, fructose, rice-wine, and wine  - Refinery of pharmaceuticals 
2) Chemical Industries.  -  Refinery and separation of gases  - Deodorization of disposed gases  - Recovery of solvents  - Treatment of disposed ozone  - Catalyst, Catalyst carrier 
3) Other Industries.  -  Cigarette filter  - Water treatment  - Separation of nitrogen/oxygen 
>>Selection of Activated Carbon for your Application<< It is very critical to choose the activated carbon most suitable for your application. Now, Polysource, offers more than 100 different kinds of activated carbons to meet customers’ requirements. With the activated carbons developed by state-of-the-art technologies, we will give solutions to customers’ toughest and complicated tasks.
บริษัท โพลีซอร์ส จำกัด โทร. 02-9792982-3 แฟกซ์ 02-9792984 อีเมล์ a029792982@Gmail.com

Polysource Co.,Ltd. 124/42 Moo 1, Banklang, Muang, Pathumtani 12000  Tel. +66(0) 29792982-3  Fax. +66 (0) 29792984   Email. a029792982@Gmail.com
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