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Nitrogen Generator with Membrane Technology

     Industrial Applications for Nitrogen Generators is widely and successfully used to blanket chemicals, inert processes, retain food freshness, prevent metal oxidation, pressure transfer materials, laser metal cutting, improve oil and gas recovery, and in other applications in many industries. Nitrogen gas generated from compressed air is readily available, extremely dry (-60ฐF dew point or better), non-corrosive, and environmentally safe.

     Nitrogen is chemically inert Nitrogen Membrane technology was developed in the mid 1980’s using a hollow polymeric fiber technology developed by Dow Chemical Company. Feed air, whether provided by the customer or a dedicated air compressor is compressed, filtered, dried, and heated before passing through the membrane modules containing thousands of tiny hair-like hollow fibers.

     The oxygen, CO2, and water molecules permeate and exit the hollow fiber walls and vented as waste gas (35% mixture of O2/ CO2/ H2O/). The nitrogen molecules, which differ in size, pass through the hollow tubes to the product pipeline.

      This technology requires an air pressure of at least 145 psig for an efficient separation to take place; otherwise, the system requires a much higher volume of compressed air and additional modules to achieve the same production rate and purity. Hollow membrane units have a life expectancy of 5-7 years depending on the unit's design purity and flow rate, air quality, and type of operating environment. Therefore, membrane modules must be periodically replaced in order to maintain flow rate and purity.

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